SKROSS PRO - World USB Adaptor and Charger

Truly universal - for devices from more than 220 countries - works in more than 205 countries. Europe (Schuko) compatible, Premium high-quality world travel adapter.

Comes with a lifetime replacement warranty.

Available Options


Set of sliding buttons allows easy selection of pins which are then secured by a lock button.

Comes with an integrated USB port for charging smartphones, tablets, etc.

Removable adaptor to convert socket end.

Multi-lingual Instruction Leaflet.

Fulfills all relevant safety regulations.


Input voltage: 100V - 250V. 

Maximum load: 6.3A. 

Power rating: e.g at 100V - 1000W / 250V - 2500W. 

USB output:5V / 2100mA. 

Some items in some countries may require a voltage converter. 

Suitable for equipment with earthed & unearthed plugs.

Size 72 x 55 x 75mm.

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